As a Shamanic Practitioner and Medicine Woman, I work through ceremony and ritual, mythology, hands-on-healing and divination to achieve healing outcomes.  I work to enrich and more deeply engage you in your unique journey, your soul's journey, using shamanic practices.

Shamanism is my passion, my joy & my life. It brings me in deeper relationship to the things I love, nature & creativity, family & community. It is by far the oldest creative art. 

Shamanism is all about the soul's journey, connected to, or separated from.  ​It is a total exploration, engagement and immersing of what it really means to be fully you, and human. A symbol we use here is The World Tree, at the centre, with your roots going deep into the Earth, nature, and branches stretching far up into the sky, the world of Spirit. When we ​grow these sacred connections our trunk will grow in this world.

No one can tell you how to be this tree, how to fully engage your sacred (powerful) life. You can be guided, though never told. There is no guru figure to look up to in shamanism.  It is about going deeper into self, and your relationship with yourself and what surrounds you. Being in good healthy relationship with all things, connected to the lore of the universe.   This is what I so respect and love about true shamanism.

In a ​culture where ​it is basically unknown that you are birthed with a soul journey, at best discussed, and rarely consciously engaged, shamanic practice has an ever more important role to play. It re-opens the well worn paths of an enriched life, the path of your heart, your soul's path, which, when walked, is completely supported by all things, as it is for the good of all things.

Let's Fly Together!