Soul or Fear

Shamanically we understand that there is a flow of life energy as below:

Spirit -> Soul -> Mind -> Body -> World

So the flow of Spirit or life force first flows thru the soul then into the mind, then body and into your world. The soul contains all the information and connection you need to, what I call, "walk the path of your heart", your soul's journey, the life choices you make that most enrich you. This is how we 'should' be making all our life choices.

The Soul Matrix tho' does not contain FEAR. When we act from FEAR the soul cannot inform you. The flow of life force & soul stops. DEAD.

We are a fear-soaked society ... just look at "the so-called news, newspapers etc". Not enough money, time, stuff etc... the list is endless. Soak us in FEAR and we become zombies, a shamanic term for ones that have had their souls taken.

HOWEVER! there is an upside. If you don't act from FEAR, then everything you need will flow to you.  Full life force can flow to you. The energy & guidance of your soul, connection to your spirit mob, ancestors and so much more will support you. COMPLETELY! That's the deal.

Let's Fly Together!

Hala Francka

I invite you to walk with me …. fly with me. Step into the dreaming, your dreaming, our dreaming. Let’s fly together!

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