I was born in the depths of the Dark Moon, a mere breath before the bursting forth of The New.  The new is palpable, promised … ​perhaps I was born for these times.

I wake in the dark, pre-dawn, as a falcon does.  It took me a long time, a challenging yet rewarding journey, to wake at this time, every morning.  I hear the first bird and re-call my dreaming. Gidgee, my sweet black kelpie, encourages me into the day.  I am drawn from my warm nest …. tea.

Tea making & drinking is always a ceremony for me.   Everything is a ceremony.  Leaf tea only.  In a pot.  While it brews, I brew on my porch over-looking my garden & the bush.  I hear and feel every sound & smell.  I know I’m co-creating this day with many seen & unseen things.  I ‘see’ the beauty of the unfolding morning.

With tea in hand now, I pour a small libation onto the land, as an offering to the day, a prayer, a blessing for the fecundity of this day.  I walk today for ‘the good of all things’.  An honouring & recognition of my deep connection to the Earth Mother, my Ancestors, Spirit.   The sun crosses the horizon.

“The Sun is rising on Gwanna’s wings, breathing the Air that Spirit brings”.  Sung four times for the Four Directions.

Ahhhh, tea.

Gidgee & I walk what I call, my Dreaming Track, a now well worn bush track.  My sacred mythical track.  I walk within symbology.  Opening to everything, guidance, knowings, expecting nothing.  The depth of relationship I feel for this place and all its beings, I am so grateful for, and it deepens with every step I take. I am in relationship with all things.  I am inside myself.

My day has begun.

My life has become as an arrow, shooting straight towards the setting sun.  I walk this razors edge.  The edge of madness, and intense sanity.  My life has become dedicated to power, the ability to heal oneself and others.  The more power you have the more impeccable you must be.  Integrity.  Integrity is my insurance as I travel through many terrains.  I am a Shamanic Practitioner.  The soul’s journey is my main concern.  I am both burdened & blessed to be walking this path.

(I was born in the depths of the Dark Moon, a mere breath before the bursting forth of The New.  Perhaps this my time ….)

I grew up in the Sydney pre-madness, in the bush, the ocean.  When I was young I remember palpably being loved & held by my family.  We never said I love You, tho’ I knew.  My immigrant parents were healthily obsessed with camping & wild places.  Lucky me.  Being one of four born in four years, early life was a hoot.

I had magical encounters with beings in the forest and the ocean, tho’ I had no one to speak of these things, or any vessel to put it in to give it power, meaning.  Like a seed without water, I sat in the Earth, and waited.  The first rain drops fell when I lived in the Blue Mountains, my 30’s.  One day, this wise land stetched out its gnarled, time worn hand to me.  I grasped it.  It was like being re-born and taking my first breath. The Blue Mountains was my mid-wife.  The ‘feather spear’ shot into the ground & I awoke.  I could now see thru the eyes of the falcon.

The details of this story I love to share … around the Sacred Fire.  It speaks of magic, ceremony & friendship.  Mexico, a deep awakening in my first Sweatlodge, becoming my totem, the falcon, seeing Eagle-Man dance in the Australian desert, hearing a story from Gwaana & the Breath of Life, finding mentors, teachers, in the bush, the city & in Spirit, dancing with painted Elders in the desert … initiations, becoming a Lore Woman.  It is my story.  It is my myth.  Perhaps one day you will hear it.

I am comfortable in wild places, inwardly and outwardly.  I am fascinated by shamanism & lore … my life, my offering.  As a child I always wanted to learn about the world and travel the universe, I just never dreamt it would be in this way.  Or maybe I did.

I invite you to walk with me …. fly with me.  Step into the dreaming, your dreaming, our dreaming.  Let’s fly together!