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Fire, Sun-Rise & Ceremony

… the why & how …

I invite you to join me every Saturday for Sunrise Fire Ceremony, from wherever you physically are ...

“Symbol, the language of the soul.
Myth, a story of symbols.
Ceremony, a physical translation of myth.”

There is a flow of life energy into this world that comes from what I call Spirit, as below.

Spirit -> Soul -> Mind -> Body -> World

Looking at the above more closely;

  • Spirit flows into Soul, informing Mind, Body & World.
  • The Soul is the transmuter of Spirit into the world.
  • Spirit & much of the Soul landscape is outside the ‘ordinary’.  It is in another dimension, the place of expanded consciousness.  It is so, as these energies do not belong in the ‘ordinary’ *.
  • True, well held ceremony expands into these realms, or, opens these realms, energies to expand into the ‘ordinary’.
  • A shaman will always say the dis-ease always has a root in Spirit/Soul due to this flow of energy from Spirit, into the soul then into what is often called the ‘ordinary’ realm.
  • The Shaman, Malidoma Patrice Soma, who recently passed, rightly said, “the best political stance one can have is spiritual”, this is why.  Through well held Ceremony we affect the flow of energy into the ‘ordinary’ world.

In comes Fire.

  • Fire: The Element or Spirit of Fire.
  • Fire is our Ancestor, so lives intimately in our be-ing.  
  • Fire is The Oldest Shaman.  The raw-est, wild-est, wise-est healer.  
  • Healing is a two-fold process of letting go or ‘fixing’ something, something within you or a system etc that no longer serves, is old, finished, or perhaps never belonged …. then …. Fire transmutes that energy in a way to inform & feed the path that most enriches.  
  • Fire is wise beyond imagining and knows better than us what to consume and transmute.  
  • Fire also embodies beauty as it transmutes … the dance of beauty. 
  • Fire, lightning.  Igniting the fire deep in your belly to walk your soul’s path, the path of your heart.  Motive force.  Passion for your path.
  • Fire Ceremony, perfect for these times.

In comes the Sun, & Sun-rise.

  • The Sun is Fire.  
  • The Sun is a huge embodiment & consciousness of Fire.  
  • The Sun, this beautiful be-ing lives intimately with us .. not how many million miles away, you can feel it right, as it warms your body.  
  • The Sun rises in the East, the place of new beginnings.  
  • At Sun-rise, it starts a new cycle, a new day.  At the beginning of all new cycles there is always a burst of energy given by Spirit for the new.

Bringing it all together with Sacred Sun-Rise Fire Ceremony.

As the Sun rises, at the start of a New Day, there is a burst of energy.  From within our sacred space we greet this great being of fire, we honour this being.  We charge this being with our knowing of it’s spreading the Sacred Fire across the Earth, for healing, healing beyond our ‘ordinary’ imaginings, as it touches all things on that day in Our World.  

This is the Fire’s “path of heart”, the path that most enriches it.  It’s gift to the World.  As Medicine People, especially here where the Sun rises first in our World of lineal-time, we run this Fire Ceremony and spread healing across Earth Mother … because we can, and it is the path of our heart. 

Sunrise is my time.  If it is definitely not your time, then know when that is and run Fire Ceremony then, maybe Saturday night.  If Saturday doesn’t work, run it another day. 

The Potency of Ceremonial Space.  My online Dreaming Wheel Course.

Ceremony is a creative, spiritual act connecting Earth to Sky, reflecting the land & culture that performs it. Embedded in metaphor, symbology. To run true, potent ceremony takes training & experience. If you’re hearing the call & wish to enter this arena, are feeling a connection with me & my medicine, here is a link to my course info where I share my training & experience.  I hope to back it with face-to-face when I can.  This is a place where you can get started.

How I am running Sun-rise Fire Ceremony

There are so many ways to run this ceremony.  Fire Ceremony can be huge.  This is how I am currently running it every Saturday Sun-Rise.  I invite you to join me every Saturday, or when you can.

A Sun-rise Sacred Fire Ceremony:

  • I create my Sacred Space, my Dreaming Wheel. I place things in this space that I feel symbolic of my intentions, like a candle, or a fire pit.  I add things to the directions points that imbue it with beauty & symbology.  
  • (If you are unsure what to do, and keen to start, I suggest a beautiful, smudged circle with the directions marked.  Once entered you, or any one else, does not leave until ceremony finished.  A closed circle keeps the energy clear & potent.  Smudge everything that is to go into the circle.  Go for it!)
  • I call up the Four Directions, and Stone and Wood, centre.  I have done this so many times that Spirit knows exactly what I am doing. 
  • I smudge myself and all things I am bringing in.
  • I say my prayer, what’s on my heart & acknowledge the Sacred Fire (element of the North for me).  There is a powerful way to invoke things in prayer which again is in my course.
  • I consciously call in and join together with all others in this ceremony on this day.
  • I step into this space.
  • I light the fire.
  • I charge it with my prayers of honouring.
  • What I do next, changes from week to week for me, slightly.  I am in an expanded state from all that I have prepared, created and done, so I let things have their own flow here.  Sometimes I sit in silence, or sing sacred songs, play music, dance, cry, or a combination of these.  I am the fire.
  • I send the fire out with the rising Sun, to spread healing on this day, to all things it will touch, for the good of all things.
  • I feel when it is done, half an hour, give or take.  This feeling is always obvious to me.
  • I step out of my Dreaming Wheel.
  • I say a prayer of thanks to all that came to help for this ceremony.
  • I close sacred space, my Dreaming Wheel.
  • “Thru the Mother”.

See you in Spirit Saturday at Sun-rise Soul Tribe.  Let’s Fly Together.  Hala, “Gidgee”.

*We cannot house the whole soul in this physical dimension currently.  It would literally blow us apart.  Our ‘job’ at present is to create more space for the soul to have a greater expression here in the physical, thus the, what I call, ‘healing on steroids’ at present, ie. even more letting go, re-claiming, acceptance etc.  Our Soul has been nudging us for some time now.  It won’t stop.

Top artwork: by Frank Polson “Inside Out”