Ceremony is being in community, engaging all beings, in all realms, for healing outcomes.

Symbol, the language of the soul.
Myth, a story of symbols.
Ceremony, a physical translation of myth.

Shamanic ceremony is, “ a set of actions and performances that engage & transform myth and symbol, drawing deeply upon the spiritual, non-local healing resources”. It is an interplay between the human & the spiritual.  Both parties are required, for potent healing outcomes. It is a powerful tool for human beings, and therefore the spiritual.

Ceremony is an innate form of human expression. It provides a sense of freedom from the mundane as it engages non-ordinary space and time, the transpersonal, sacred space. It engages human potentials, as it is an expression and play with a universal cosmology that humans are a part of … often described in myths.

All healthy cultures have potent ceremonies & rituals in-bedded in their yearly cycles.

To be added to my ceremony invite list, email me on hala@halafrancka.com …. or FB message me “Hala Francka (Shamanic Practitioner) and/or “Hala Francka Shamanism”.


Moon Ceremonies

Like the Moon we ebb and flow.  Part of being truly human means we co-create and dance with the cycles of the moon.  Since the beginning of our time here as Earth Walkers, we have been in a profound, co-creative relationship with the Moon.  The man made calendar we live with now is unnatural and separates us from the natural cycles that we innately feel and have evolved with.  Honouring the moon cycles, and healing with the Moons offerings, in ceremony, is a deeply enriching activity, as it connects us more deeply with our true nature, our power to heal and create an enriching life informed by spirit and the forces of nature.

Sun Cycle Ceremonies.

We are people of the Sun.  The Sun is a powerful life giving force with which we intimately live.  It feeds us, and all things here on Earth.  As with the Moon, since the beginning of our time here as Earth Walkers, we have been in a profound, co-creative relationship with the Sun.  It has its own cycle, and all things living here on Earth together flow with it, are shaped by it.  As We are.  It is incredibly healthy to acknowledge, give thanks and feed with ceremony The Sun.  Why would we not?  If it did not rise every morning we would all be lost.  The Solstices & Equinoxes are a fecund time to engage in the Sun Cycle Ceremonies, honouring and feeding the things in our life, that give us life.  This is a very healthy spiritual practice, for you, and all things.

New Year Ceremonies.

Calendars are incredibly important systems for humans.  They guide and inform our lives, everyday. As western peoples we live within a man-made calendar called the Gregorian Calendar.   The New Year ceremonies are thus very important to us, and a wonderful way to end and start a New calendar Year Cycle.

It is important for me to point out here, as a Shamanic Practitioner, that the Gregorian Calendar is not created for our inner well-being.  It does not connect us with any ancient cycles, which we are.  It is arguably created to confuse us and separate us from nature, & our true nature.  Take September, sept, 7, is the 8th month.  October, Oct, 8, is our 10th month.  December, dec, 10, is our 12th month, and so much more. This calendar doesn’t connect us to anything what-so-ever that enriches us, flows within us, in-fact the opposite.  This is why it is so important to attend Natures Cycles Ceremonies and re-claim our true selves.