Sacred Australian Sweatlodge Ceremony.  When we enter the Earthlodge, we enter the Womb of the Earth Mother … this is a very profound and deeply spiritual place.  It connects us with Nature … more correctly, we feel ‘of Nature’ … our true state.  Being in this authentic state is incredibly healing.  We ‘see’ and ‘feel’ things differently, connecting us to many more of life’s resources.  It is a place of intense integrity. I have gone through Earthlodge training & Initiation enabling me to run this ceremony.

The Earthlodge is a powerful connecting and purification ceremony.  In the Earthlodge we access the guidance of the heart … connecting deeply to Mother Earth, ancestral wisdom and the realms of Spirit … the deeper aspects of self. We ‘feel’ gratitude for all these gifts.  That sounds like a lot, however, it’s true.

Commonly, in short, a Earthlodge is a small, enclosed space with a place in the centre where the hot stones are placed.  The Ceremonial Leader pours water over the rocks, producing waves of heat.  A ceremony or ritual is conducted .. prayers are spoken and chants are sung.

The heat produced enCOURAGEs participants, I feel, to “get out of their heads”, thus putting aside the ego.  The ego will NOT hold you up in a hot sweatlodge.  If your in your head, it will be hot.  However, if you get out of your head, and into your body, and we say, “breath thru your solar plexus”, it can quickly become cool.  This process of by-passing the ego, allows One to access the realms and guidance of Spirit … deep healing.

If the heat or enclosed space is too much, you can leave the sweatlodge at any time … there is no judgment in ceremony.

The Earthlodge and similar “sauna” type ceremonies have been used by most traditional peoples, the Celts, across the whole of the Americas, Russia, the Mediterranean, Japan, Africa, the Middle East and yes, in Australia by the Aboriginal Peoples.  It has always been used for complete health, that is, of body, mind, soul and spirit.

The ceremony I run is embedded in an Australian Mythology, connecting us to the spirit, the ancestors and healing resources of this place, Australia.

I am deeply honoured and humbled to run Earthlodge Ceremony … this ancient and powerful ceremony.  I deeply respect the traditional ways and wisdom.  My intention is to be in complete integrity when I run a sweatlodge ceremony.  I am open to learning and growing … and of dreaming new all encompassing healing ways, as the traditional peoples of the world did/do .. always guided by spirit .. a growing and evolving spirituality .. reflecting rich cultures, past and present.

A quick addition: Many entering the lodge for the first time hold fear .. or what I call respect, for the process and place they are entering.  You would be unwise not to be.  However, it is important to remember that in my many years of being in Lodge, NEVER have I seen anyone hurt, in fact, I have only seen the complete opposite, almost every time .. deep healing.


How to prepare & what to bring 

Be well hydrated and bring a small plate of food to share after. Wear minimum a sarong. There will be the sacred fire so if you wish to offer “something” into it please bring to burn & re-claim this energy.  

If you haven't been at one of my Earthlodges and do not know how to prepare and what to bring, download the lodge preparation info sheet.

Next Earthlodge 2023, Bega Valley NSW.

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Next Lodges: Woman's, May 13 ...  & Winter Solstice (mixed) lodge June 17.