Learn a Powerful Way

to Engage in Shamanism

Are you looking for a more potent way to engage in your life? Do you want to learn how to draw upon all your resources to heal yourself and others? 

This is a course for self healing and the first step to becoming a shamanic practitioner.

Expanding Beyond the Day to Day

Are you ready to empower and develop your relationship with the natural world?

To co-create with all of your spiritual resources? 

To walk more closely upon the path of your heart, the path that most enriches you?

Yes? Then this course is for you. 

Engaging The Shamanic Lens - A Practical Course

This is the first in a series of online courses where I will be sharing my knowledge and practice of Shamanism. It will teach you how to create a potent space to engage this shamanic lens for healing self & others.

The additional courses will begin to move slowly towards Shamanic Practice.

I invite you to join me for

Engaging the Shamanic Lens - A Practical Course

This first course I will be sharing my knowledge and showing you practical skills that I use.

There are activities to practice what I have shared.  

It is self-paced so can be started & continued whenever you feel to.  It can be seen as many times as you need to.  It is non-contact.

There is an option for a zoom one-on-ones with Hala, for an additional cost.

You Will Learn


The Shamanic Lens

Setting the scene for shamanic ways 

  •  This part of the course opens you to new ways of looking at the world around you that will assist you in viewing life through the Shamanic Lens. I discuss some limiting beliefs that stop us from developing our relationship with Spirit.  We learn shamanic definitions that will help you understand the use of keys words that I will be using.  

8 lessons


The Dreaming Wheel

Creating The Dreaming Wheel, calling up Sacred Space

  • In this module I will discuss what the Dreaming Wheel is.  I will show you how to call up this sacred or ceremonial space, in a few ways. I will invite you to divine your Dreaming Wheel stones, and teach you how Ito deepen your relationship with them, by sharing with you the Medicine of the Four Directions, that I use and embody.

9 lessons


Using the Dreaming Wheel

Connecting and co-creating with your spiritual resources

  • Here I will begin to show you how to engage and deepen your relationship with this sacred space.  These 9 units are a combination of teachings and practical exercises that start you divining, expanding & exploring shamanic ways.

9 lessons

Your Investment

 There is a simple application process to attend this course. To begin this process, click on Apply Now.

I am honoured to share this knowledge with you.


Self-paced course with life-time access

Additional one-on-one teaching calls with Hala available

Cost: $100 for 40 mins (approx)

A bit about Me - Hala Francka

Over the past 20 years I have built the knowledge and experience equivalent to a Doctorate in Shamanism.

As a full time shamanic practitioner I have offered healings and ceremonies to hundreds of people over these years. The last 8 years I have been teaching the art of engaging the shamanic lens to budding practitioners & others interested in self healing & others.

I am grateful to all my teachers both physical and in spirit. I am indeed blessed to have walked with these magical people and beings along the path of my heart.

To read more about me, head to my about page 

and to read my qualifications, head to my qualifications page

How you will Walk with me

 I have always taught these ways face-to-face, though due to these times, I am offering my course online.  An opportunity has arisen that I would not have seen otherwise. 

Let's Fly Together