Healings & Mentoring

SHAMANIC HEALING: Soul Retrieval & Expansion, Hands-on-Healing

Shamanic Practitioners are mainly concerned with Soul health, and the journey of the soul thru life.  Your soul contains all the information you need to connect with, what we call,  ‘the path of your heart’ … another way of saying, what you need to ‘know’ and ‘do’ to live an enriched life.  Your perfect place.  In our stress-filled and sometimes traumatic lives the soul becomes damaged, disconnecting us from this essential resource. Shamanic Healers heal soul damage, restore clarity and positive direction to individuals and communitys.

Life force, or I call it Spirit, flows from an unknown source … this is the ‘Great Mystery’.  Spirit flows into the Soul, which in turn flows into the Mind, then into the Body and into your World.  Its an energy flow;

Spirit -> Soul -> Mind -> Body -> World 

This is the flow of life force, what I call Spirit, into the world.

As above, you can see that spiritual energy flows first through the Soul before it enters the other areas of our life.  If the soul is damaged this energy will not flow easily into the other areas of your life.  Its like your radio isn’t tuned quite to the right station and you cant make out what songs playing, or whats being said (guided).

The health of the Soul is too often overlooked … and alarmingly, if the soul is unhealthy or damaged then  we tend to make unhealthy decisions in our life,  staying in “soul destroying” jobs, living in places that do not suit us, having relationships that do not serve us .. and so on. We are confused and unclear to what makes us feel really ALIVE.

The soul can be damaged through trauma etc. The Shamanic Practitioner is skilled in moving into an ‘altered state of consciousness’ and traveling to the realm of the Soul, to look at its condition and restore it to its natural healthy state.

Once the soul is restored to full health, then you feel this life force flowing into your life, informing every cell of your being, allowing you to see ‘things’ clearly for what they truly are .. good for you or not, whether they will make you happy or not.  You begin to make right decisions and direct your life onto a path that most suits and enriches you.

Shamanic Healing is not only healing past trauma and helping you shed what no longer serves you, is old and finished, however also, connecting you with ALL your resources for a healthy life.

Shamans have been working this way for untold millenia.  Shamanisim is the oldest form of medicine.  Traditional peoples knew that a healthy Soul was paramount to support all other aspects in your life, and in fact, ALL LIFE.

Shamanic Healing is what I offer you.  This is what enriches me most, and am trained, experienced and skilled to do.  Doing this work is The Path of My Heart.

Note: this work can be done remote.

I offer the following healing packages:

Hands-on-healing, approx 2-3 hours, $180
Healing with mentoring, 3 sessions, $490
Healing with mentoring, 6 sessions, $890
Healing with mentoring, 1 year program, 12 sessions, $1,600

Mentoring, 1 hour, $120
Mentoring (students), 1 hour, $80
Mentoring (students), 6x 1hr sessions, $450