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Hala Francka

I invite you to walk with me …. fly with me. Step into the dreaming, your dreaming, our dreaming. Let’s fly together!

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Catherine Montes - a couple of years ago

Hi Hala,
If words are the containers for concepts, this word ¨Ngalki¨ helps me capture the feeling that I have when I come back to Australia, especially when I go up North to Mt Isa. It is a gut feeling of something wild and old, harsh but benevolent (even though it is arid, it is still teeming with life) at the same time. My words feel puny though, they don’t even come close to the sensation of that land! I have the photos you sent from Rockleigh as the background on my computer screen and every time I look at this image of the morning sun shining through the Eucalyptus, I have this feeling, somewhere deep inside, that speaks to me about that place. It helps me to connect to it when I am far away. My respects to the Yanyuwa people for sharing this word!

Nicole Samson - a couple of years ago

Such a beautiful teaching to put a word to what I have always felt, that all things hold an essence and vibration…. Ngalki. I love this passage, thank you for sharing Hala. x

    Hala Francka - last year

    I was very excited when I divined what to start this course with … ngalki and ardirri. We are the land!

    Hala Francka - last year

    I am so sorry Nic, im only just seeing some of these comments. Im trying to catch up with my responsibilities and the technology.
    Ngalki. isn’t it so great to know! so we connect to the truth more deeply that we held tho were less conscious of. xxxx

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