The Sacred Imagination

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Hala Francka

I invite you to walk with me …. fly with me. Step into the dreaming, your dreaming, our dreaming. Let’s fly together!

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Martin Fishwick - a couple of years ago

OK Martin here; I do not know myself as an imaginary being/person/western educated two legged. I have not engaged in Visionary Practices in my life to date. Entry points may be through the land, through symbol – the language of the soul… and through Stillness and Silence – the song of my soul….

    Hala Francka - a couple of years ago

    Bingo! Martin. Said so well … in a nutshell. Nice one.

Catherine Montes - a couple of years ago

Yes, for me the entry points as Martin says are definitely through the land and noticing what is around me and what comes up in the heart or mind as a result. Not tossing that away or diminishing it but rather honouring it as something that has been created in that moment. I like what you say about symbols being the language of the soul, a way of dialogue. Catexx

Aimee Curtis - a couple of years ago

So wonderful to engage the sacred imagination…this resonates strongly for me. As if I have always lived this way but taken it for granted. Lovely to be given permission to honour this as a gift…thankyou Hala??

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