We are the Land – Activity

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Hala Francka

I invite you to walk with me …. fly with me. Step into the dreaming, your dreaming, our dreaming. Let’s fly together!

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Sanjaya Stephenson - a couple of years ago

Hi Hala. I need to ask you something after completing this activity.
These words come from my journaling.
“On this particular land, this geographic location, I feel some sense of displacement. My childhood connection to Land [which was very deep], my birthplace, was some distance to the south, sandstone country, between ocean and mountain range. The air had a texture, the land had a familiarity, as if I somehow knew it. I often long for it. For that feeling. I have revisited occasionally, and when I did I felt something like a homecoming, like the children of the land saying “where have you been?” How do I connect in the same way to where I am (which is very beautiful)? Can I connect in the same way?”

    Hala Francka - a couple of years ago

    yes … shamanically, there is not just linear time. you can always go back. Also, we are all ‘one’ or connected upon the Web of Life to everything … you are never separated to anything on this web. Practice travelling upon it in your dreaming wheel when u create it … or simply sitting under a tree or …. use your sacred imagination … smell the smells u remember, the way u feel etc. Go for it. Shamanism is the oldest art form.

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