Important Dreaming Wheel Points

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Hala Francka

I invite you to walk with me …. fly with me. Step into the dreaming, your dreaming, our dreaming. Let’s fly together!

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Aimee Curtis - a couple of years ago

Hi Hala. Do we only need to smudge once? I’m wondering if I leave the smudge stick burning through the entire ceremony. Or do I re light and extinguish each time I enter and exit? Just to be efficient with using this resource?thankyou, Aimay

    Hala Francka - a couple of years ago

    yes you only need to smudge yourself and the things u take into your wheel, DW, once. U can leave the smudge burning if it helps with atmosphere and expanded consciousness.
    Once your in the DW you don’t walk in and out, in and out, this weakens the potency of the space and brings energies in that do not belong there … you stay in there and/or people that come in for eg for ceremony. If u MUST leave then you smudge yourself when u go back in

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