Living & working through the shamanic lens.  Workshops & training for women in Shamanic Practice. Shamanic Practitioner training

I invite you on a shamanic healing adventure.  A healing journey deep into the Earth and out across the Universe, expanding your consciousness, meeting beings you never imagined existed, going to magical places where science does not apply, bringing back resources for the health of You and Your community.

To be a Shamanic Practitioner is incredibly enriching, and is never-ending fascinating work.  It is the oldest creative art.  As old as the human.  It is the dance with the mundane and spiritual.  It is all about the health of the soul, our connection to who we truly are.  As shamanic practitioners you become as the tree at the centre of the dreaming wheel or sacred circle, connecting earth to sky.  It is challenging and rewarding work, and become your life.

I have studied with Shamans, am initiated, and have over 10 years working full time experience.  One of the most rewarding things one can do is to teach.  This I love to do.  Watching keenly as my students become colleagues, expanding and blossoming as the shamanic lens is integarted with their already existing work and life.    

Shamanic Practitioner of the East 

Land: Bermagui, Far South Coast NSW;  

This is a series of workshops sharing my formal training in core shamanism, experience and practice of shamanism and Shamanic Practice & Healing.  An extended view through the Shamanic Lens.  The first 2 day workshop is 'The Dreaming Wheel'. Then one workshop flows into the next.  

Vision Quest is HIGHLY recommended this year as part of your growth, expansion and studies.

The Dreaming Circle - Now an online course 
Ceremony & Ritual
Shamanic Healing
Shamanic Healing
Possession States,
Faces of the Shaman, 

Vision Quest

There is an opportunity to receive a certificate welcoming you as a "Shamanic Practitioner of the East" at the end of this workshop series.

These workshops are for women who are;

* Interested in learning & practicing shamanic ways & shamanic healing;
* Interested in the shamanic lens;
* Already working in a healing type modality, eg counselling, psychotherapy, naturopathy, bodywork etc, and feel to add the shamanic lens to their work;
* Already using a Medicine Wheel, however would like to use/experience an Australian wheel;
* Working within another modality and wish to use another tool for 'divining' client needs;
* Interested in expanding your awareness, your consciousness, out of the boundaries of the 'ordinary';
* Interested in a greater understanding of the Soul;
* Active in your own healing and growth.

Shamanic Practitioner of the North

I am excited to offer this year, for the first time, Shamanic Practitioner of the North.  It will start, proper, in March 2020, here in the Bega Valley.  It is offered to those who are already Shamanic Practitioners of the East.  We will be walking with the North.  A big, power-filled year!  This is the year of DOING.  Shamanism is experiential.  Immerse yourself in the elements, stretching and deepening into the ancients, into the land, flying across the universe, living & being a shamanic practitioner.