Qualification and Experience


Present:  Living and working as a Shamanic Practitioner & Lore Woman, Bega Valley NSW.  Currently on a year of ‘Walkabout’ on Country, Australia, offering ceremony and shamanic practice.

2022: Initiated into Aboriginal Lore and Grandmother Lore as a Woman & Holder of Lore.

2011: Shaman’s Initiation, Central Desert, Australia.

2009-10: Master of Shamanic Practice – Advanced Shamanic Practice, IKON (Institute for Healing Arts & Sciences) Central Desert, Australia. Teacher Rafael Locke.

2008:  Initiated to run Earthlodge Ceremony (Australian Sweatlodge).

2005-07: Diploma of Shamanic Practice, IKON (Institute for Healing Arts & Sciences) Sydney. Teacher Rafael Locke.

2006-10:  Central Desert, Australia – participated in at least 8 remote, 4-day trips with Pitjantjatjara Woman Elders (Uluru), on “Women’s Business”.  Became involved with the “hands-on” arrangements of these ceremonies.

2004-09: Mexico.  Participated in many shamanic ceremonies and journeys with indigenous traditions including The Huichole, and Native American tribes.

2005 to PRESENT: Living & working as a Shamanic Practitioner, becoming full time in 2010, running regular ceremonies and healings as well as workshops and teaching.

I have had the great privilege to have had many shamanic teachers and teaching experiences, where no certificates were given, only knowledge with the bud of wisdom. I am immensely grateful to three in particular.  Rafael Locke who appeared in my life as Teacher just after I had my “Spiritual Emergence” into Shamanic Ways.  He has put my shamanic experiences into a vessel that I now hold and grow.  Pauline Sepetauc, who walked with me in the Blue Mountains & the Central Desert, including desert Woman’s Business.  She taught me how to walk intimately and listen deeply to Earth Mother.  My third significant teacher, who remains un-named here, who taught me the ways of the Wise Woman.  She gave me a conscious connection to my lore and the lore of the universe, tendrils reaching deep into the Earth and Far up into the Sky.  I am indeed blessed to have walked with these magical people along the path of my heart.


1984-87: Bachelor of Science (BSc), Majors (Marine) Biology & Oceanography, University of Sydney;

1991: Diploma of Education (DipEd), Science, University of Sydney;

1994-2010: Self Employed, Importer/exporter and retailer of Hand Crafted Polish Jewellery