As a Shamanic Practitioner, I would like to invite you to a magical, fun and deeply healing 'Empowerment Ceremony' for the Summer Solstice. We are People of the Sun! The Sun Cycle is the oldest and most intimate cycle that runs through our being. The Sun brings us Energy for Life. The Summer Solstice is mid-summer a very potent time of year. This is a ceremony that honours the Sun, in our lives, and drawing upon its energy of fire for our healing and expansion of self, family & community.

This ceremony combines the energy of the Summer Solstice with the below two actions:

Firstly, clearing or letting go of what is old, finished, no longer serves you, perhaps doesn’t even belong to you, that you still carry and feed with your energy. 

Secondly, connecting you to more of ‘self’, a more enriched life, and resources that do serve you and belong to you. A greater ability to see where to put your energy, that will enhance your life and “the path of your heart”, your soul’s path. 

This is true EMPOWERMENT.

I offer you this rich ceremony, on this mid-summers eve, on this land we call Sydney (Bulanaming).


Date: Summer Solstice Eve, 22 December 2018
Time: 5pm – 8pm

Cost: $50 adult. School age children are free

Venue: “Green Space” outside the Main Hall, at ARCCO, The Addison Road Community Centre. 142 Addison Road, Marrickville, Sydney. 

Ages: Young adult +. We will be doing a walking meditation type ceremony. Young children too young to concentrate for approx one hour will need to be supervised and outside of the ceremonial space. They are very welcome to watch and/or enjoy the 9 acre property.

More info:

Parking and transport:

You can park onsite. See for different ways to get there by public transport. 

What to bring (optional): 

A cushion or blanket to sit on as we will be outside (if it’s raining also an umbrella). Sun hat. Water. A ceremonial knife - only if you have one, otherwise not necessary.

​Altar (optional): 

something that represents to you your empowerment, like a flower, stone, jewellery etc.