Australian Vision Quest. 

An ancient ceremony, for modern times, on ancient land.

The Vision Quest is potentially one of the most profound and powerful experiences one can have. A rare opportunity to step out of everyday life & focus on yourself and your journey through life.   A time to embrace personal power. The Power to know & create oneself & walk the healing path.

This Vision Quest involves immersing yourself completely in nature for a week, on land that is remote, naturally vibrant and rich. There is a 4-day sit solo in Nature, fasting. There are Earthlodges (Australian Sweatlodges) other ceremonies & processes which support and enhance your quest.

It is held and guided by myself, a traditionally trained & experienced Australian Shamanic Practitioner.  See my page Qualifications & Experience.

This ceremony is dedicated to your core truth, values and essence.  I find the Spirit of this ancient land Australia, untouched, creative, and so willing to guide us through these times.

2024 Vision Quest dates

Mixed Vision Quest, 11 – 18 October, 2024, Brogo Wilderness NSW

Lore Woman’s Vision Quest (invite only), 1 – 8 November, 2024, Brogo Wilderness NSW

The details:

  • Land: ‘Rockleigh’ 1291 Upper Brogo Road, Brogo, Bega Valley, NSW;
  • Cost: $1,200 – $2,000  (non –refundable deposit $750);
  • Approx: Min 4, max 8 people.