Walk with Me

​As an Australian Medicine Woman, I am embedded in the mythology and dreaming of this land of Australia.  I live & work within an Australian Dreaming Wheel.  Walking the shamanic path is my path, my soul's path, the path of my heart.  I am a Shamanic Practitioner.  Shamanic Practitioners are always concerned with the soul's journey.  Complete or incomplete.  Connected or disconnected.  We are stewards of the soul.  I offer you healing at the level of the soul.  I use shamanic methods such as divination, hands-on-healings, many different ceremonies such as, Earthlodge (Australian sweatlodge), Vision Quest, ​Cycles of Nature, Initiations, woman's business.  Also land & house re-balancing.  This is my medicine.

​I offer my Shamanic Ways through workshops & trainings.  In recent years I have begun to offer students & colleagues a pathway to Shamanic Initiation, as my Shamanic Practitioner Trainings.​  This is a deeply dedicated ​journey to their Centre, starting with Shamanic Practitioner of the East, then The North, West, South and finally The Centre.

Walk with me ... fly with me, as we journey together towards the centre.  Gaining power, not power over, the power to heal oneself and others, co-creating an enriching life for the good of all things.